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Ediscovery Software Frustration

It’s easy to spot the warning signs of a breakup. That’s what makes it surprising that so many people choose to stick to their current commitment when it’s clearly not working out. I’m talking, of course, about ediscovery software. A breakup is hard to come to terms with, especially when you put so much effort
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Everlaw Design Collaboration

Last year, we kicked off Everlaw’s ediscovery redesign with a new logo. Since then, I’ve been working with everyone on the team to revamp our look—and to reflect it in our software and marketing materials. We’ve been focusing on not only our visual presence, but on the usability of our product. We were specifically looking
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Easiest ediscovery tool

Every day, we see attorneys, litigation support professionals, and industry experts voicing concern over the rising cost of ediscovery, the explosion of data in litigation, and the difficulty of mastering the systems intended to relieve these pains.  Being in this market at a time of change is challenging and fun, and every day, we work
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