Ediscovery Vocabulary Definitions

The last 10 years have brought enormous changes in a variety of technical fields, and ediscovery is no exception.   Litigating a case today often involves reviewing thousands of documents—if not far more—ranging from CAD files to emails to social media posts, and understanding ediscovery and its related terminology is increasingly considered a basic lawyerly duty.
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Studying Legal Tech

Increasingly, judges and firms are telling lawyers that knowing the law isn’t sufficient.  There have been encouragements and warnings to also become adequately versed in technology.  For example, at the recent ILTA conference, Judge James C. Francis pushed back against “arguments from e-discovery-ignorant lawyers regarding the prohibitive cost of a specific type of discovery… [which] is actually much more reasonably priced
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Improved Document Search

As you know, the wheels never stop turning here at Everlaw.  Our latest release includes content searching improvements, comprehensive case history, a new help interface, faster image loading, and improvements to our Reviewer QA feature.  Here are additional details about the headliners.   More Powerful Searching No more stop words means nothing is stopping your
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