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Organization Leads, Now Do More!

Over the years, and the dozens of releases we’ve had here at Everlaw, a consistent theme we’ve tackled is taking many of the more powerful features we’ve built and placing them directly in the hands of our users. For instance, over one year ago we gave case admins the ability to upload your own data
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Everyday Discovery Disputes and the Need for Redacting Spreadsheet Cells

Magistrate Judge David Waxse’s Williams v. Sprint/United Mgmt. Co. opinion in 2005 was likely the first to address the challenges of redacting spreadsheets. The discovery disputes in the Williams I opinion included 1) an order to show cause why metadata was scrubbed from spreadsheets; 2) the need for redaction of Social Security Numbers; and 3)
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request spreadsheet discovery

The key discovery in a case is usually a limited number of documents, sometimes just one specific record. The goal of document review is to efficiently find responsive data in a time effective manner. Spreadsheets are often key evidence in a case and can prove crucial information about anything from transfer of money, to safety
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What to Do After an Inadvertent Production: Clawback Requirements of Federal Rule of Evidence 502

The inadvertent production of privileged discovery can be a significant challenge both legally and technically. Was the privilege waived with the inadvertent production? How can the production be technically clawed back? Everlaw’s new production modification tools can update a production to claw back privileged records.  Records that were produced can be replaced with placeholders with
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