Everyday Discovery Disputes and the Need for Redacting Spreadsheet Cells

Magistrate Judge David Waxse’s Williams v. Sprint/United Mgmt. Co. opinion in 2005 was likely the first to address the challenges of redacting spreadsheets. The discovery disputes in the Williams I opinion included 1) an order to show cause why metadata was scrubbed from spreadsheets; 2) the need for redaction of Social Security Numbers; and 3)
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redact spreadsheet

Everlaw’s document review platform was already powerful when it came to spreadsheets. As an important piece of document and data review, we made certain that spreadsheets could be searched, that foreign language in a cell could be translated, that hidden content would be expanded automatically, and that cell contents—including formulas within cells—could be viewed in
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Redact All Instances of Term

We’re digging deeper into how different ediscovery features work. Today’s focus is on production mode, which will be of particular interest to anyone who has to produce documents in the course of litigation. What Is Production Mode? Production mode is a tool that allows you to prepare documents for production. This includes redacting documents and
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Saving Time in Ediscovery

Last year, we described four tips that could save you time and money during ediscovery. A recent BDO study of inside counsel shows that the importance of efficiency has not changed: almost half of those surveyed expected that the escalating cost of ediscovery would have a significant impact on their companies. To address that challenge,
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Redacting Personally-Identifiable Information

Early this morning, we released our second set of new features for the month! Today’s release includes several new features designed specifically around your feedback. We think you’ll love them!   1) Text Redaction We’ve extended our redaction tool set! You can now directly select any text in a PDF document (our standard image format)
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Duplicates on Search Screen

Another month, another update that makes Everlaw even easier to use. In this release, we’ve improved deduplication, redaction, and image interactivity—along with our usual speed and stability improvements. Here are the highlights!   Deduplication Enhancements Now, you can see how many exact duplicates are in your query right on the document search screen. You can also
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