Don’t Gamble on Ediscovery

In my job, I spend a lot of time talking to customers and potential customers. I hear what they’re worried about, and what their priorities are. It’s the most useful thing I do all day. Oftentimes, the feedback is expected: they care about ease of use and fast, accurate search. However, sometimes trends emerge that
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No Extra Ediscovery Fees

What sets Everlaw’s litigation platform apart is user experience. Many people think this just refers to software design, like the styling of buttons or the location of navigation. And it is that, but that’s not all it is. At Everlaw, user experience applies to every interaction you have with us, from logging in to our
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Saving Time in Ediscovery

Last year, we described four tips that could save you time and money during ediscovery. A recent BDO study of inside counsel shows that the importance of efficiency has not changed: almost half of those surveyed expected that the escalating cost of ediscovery would have a significant impact on their companies. To address that challenge,
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Ediscovery Software Frustration

It’s easy to spot the warning signs of a breakup. That’s what makes it surprising that so many people choose to stick to their current commitment when it’s clearly not working out. I’m talking, of course, about ediscovery software. A breakup is hard to come to terms with, especially when you put so much effort
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TAR doesn’t replace human review

Keeping up with the ediscovery space is tough, especially when it is constantly growing and evolving. Perceptions that might have been true a couple of years ago are simply not true anymore, but they still live on. Here are some of the most common misunderstandings.   1) Myth: TAR replaces human review Although technology-assisted review
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Trial Presentation Tools

Ediscovery is one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of litigation. Although there is consensus on the importance of controlling legal spending, the question of how to do that remains. Tessa K. Jacob, Senior Counsel at Husch Blackwell, recently offered eight steps that companies can take to reduce litigation costs. These tips focus primarily
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