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Strategies for Avoiding Untimely Discovery

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are the playbook for civil litigation. The Rules define the timing of hearings, required disclosures, how to request information, and remedies when a party doesn’t comply with the Rules. A recent case highlighted the interplay between the Rules when a party produced emails after the close of discovery. After
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Looking Forward from 2017 on Ediscovery

At 10:00am PST today Everlaw will host a webinar with Judges Sallie Kim and Xavier Rodriguez on the top ediscovery court opinions from the past year. Register now to attend the session live or to access the post-webinar recording. Looking Forward from 2017 on Ediscovery There have been hundreds of cases with ediscovery issues in the
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artificial intelligence ediscovery

Today we’ll continue our weekly series on our ediscovery chapter of a legal informatics book. In this series, we’re covering the ediscovery basics, core technical ediscovery concepts, the technologies powering ediscovery, and the future of ediscovery. We’re pleased today to dive into one of the more popular technologies used in modern ediscovery: machine learning, also often
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