Ediscovery Search Results

Timing is everything. Lawyers know all too well that we present cases to juries in the form of chronological stories. I learned this on one of the first cases I worked on, where the chronology of when faxes were sent showing a contractual change was evidence of a breach of fiduciary duty owed to the Plaintiff. The chronology
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Reviewing Spreadsheets

It’s no secret that our company is engineering-heavy. We spend a lot of time discussing, building, and improving custom features for our ediscovery platform. This calendar year, we’ve already released twenty-six new features or major improvements! With all of this new functionality, I was curious what the team members thought were the coolest features we
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Easiest ediscovery tool

Every day, we see attorneys, litigation support professionals, and industry experts voicing concern over the rising cost of ediscovery, the explosion of data in litigation, and the difficulty of mastering the systems intended to relieve these pains.  Being in this market at a time of change is challenging and fun, and every day, we work
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