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I loved ILTACON. Not only did the quirky theme and costumes at the opening reception make me feel right at home, but I also gained much insight into the modern legal technology space, all in a three-day crash course. I witnessed ILTA’s focus on innovative education at its many excellent sessions. For example, Jeffrey Roach’s
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GPS Machine Learning

Many people secretly (or not-so-secretly) hate the term “machine learning.” That’s because it can be overly broad and opaque, as if you’re being asked not to look at the man behind the curtain. However, machine intelligence doesn’t have to be a big black box that we simply accept or reject. Even the less technically-minded among
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Everlaw's Predictive Coding

Eleven weeks ago, we launched our predictive coding functionality. We know we’re not the first—or even the twentieth—vendor to offer this type of machine learning capability. Being first out of the gate isn’t generally our priority. Our focus has been on doing it better and on being responsive to user needs. Since the release, we
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Translated Japanese Legal Text

Globalization is on the rise: we conduct business across borders and continents, breaking down language barriers daily. When it comes to litigation, this means that you are more likely to see documents in a foreign language. Dealing effectively with those documents is part of modern ediscovery. This month, we will release a feature to help
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Reviewing Spreadsheets

It’s no secret that our company is engineering-heavy. We spend a lot of time discussing, building, and improving custom features for our ediscovery platform. This calendar year, we’ve already released twenty-six new features or major improvements! With all of this new functionality, I was curious what the team members thought were the coolest features we
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Mobile Discovery

As you may have read, I spent my time at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW exclusively on the Expo floor, meeting and chatting with the myriad vendors vying for attendee attention (that almost makes it sound poetic, which it wasn’t, sadly).  While there were several standouts, like LawPal, the level of innovation was nonetheless entirely incremental,
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