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Lawyer Superhero

Happy #LoveYourLawyerDay! We work with a lot of lawyers and highly respect them and their work. With the recent Marvel movie craze, we’ve also started noticing some suspicious similarities between legal professionals and our favorite silver-screen superheroes. Here are three reasons we think lawyers are real-life superheroes:   1) They aren’t afraid to tackle large
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Apply Labels in Everlaw's StoryBuilder Chronology

So, you’ve found the key documents in your case. Now what? To make them actionable, you need to weave these documents together into a clear and compelling narrative. And that begins with a chronology. Unfortunately, for most legal teams, the task of putting together a compelling chronology is remarkably difficult. Today, either multiple Excel spreadsheets
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Everlaw Reviewer Accuracy

When discussing ediscovery cost control, the focus tends to be on pricing and speed. What is not mentioned as often is the quality of review. Savings associated with lower vendor fees and quicker review times are important indicators of a well-managed review process. However, taking into account other pertinent factors, particularly accuracy and quality, can
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Family BBQ

“So, what do you do for a living?” While the question above is not uncommon during small-talk, it may be challenging for ediscovery professionals to answer in simple terms. Sure, it’s easy to talk about document discovery with lawyers who understand the process. And with any luck, explaining predictive coding and de-NISTing to a tech person shouldn’t be
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GPS Machine Learning

Many people secretly (or not-so-secretly) hate the term “machine learning.” That’s because it can be overly broad and opaque, as if you’re being asked not to look at the man behind the curtain. However, machine intelligence doesn’t have to be a big black box that we simply accept or reject. Even the less technically-minded among
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Judge's Gavel

“Do Less Law” is both a controversial and seemingly nonsensical command to issue to lawyers. However, Ron Friedmann’s intent in saying it is neither to encourage negligence nor to free up work for newly-minted JDs. Instead, the intention is to address the continually-mounting pressure for “value,” without turning it into an effort to squeeze more
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