Ediscovery on iPhone

For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation season, the perfect time to catch up on reading.  You might have a book or two waiting in the wings, a stack of unread magazines, or a list of long-neglected blogs and news sources.  If you’re a litigator with an interest in technology, here are 10
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Everlaw Logo

We’ve changed our name: EasyESI is now Everlaw. Over the past several years of doing business as an ediscovery vendor, we’ve gained tremendous insight into how our clients produce, discover, and review documents. We’ve also seen how critical the post-review portion of litigation is; we know you can’t simply drop a pile of hot documents
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The Everlaw Office

Welcome to Everlaw’s new ediscovery and litigation blog! Litigation is a human process. No matter how advanced we make our ediscovery platform, we know that lawyers like you will be negotiating production protocols, interpreting documents, and stitching evidence into a compelling story. This blog is an opportunity for us to share some of our experiences
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