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The new ediscovery: from finding documents to building cases

In February 2014, amid public outcry and widespread reports of problems with its ignition systems, General Motors began the largest series of automotive recalls in history. By the end of the year, nearly 29 million vehicles were involved, and litigation followed close behind. The result was General Motors Ignition Switch MDL—a massive class-action lawsuit that
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Email Thread Attachments

We’re excited to announce a new round of updates to our litigation tool: one major new feature and five smaller ones. Introducing Search Term Reports Search term reports are a significant new offering that will allow administrators to perform early case assessment (ECA), make informed staffing decisions more quickly, and triage review. This feature provides
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Redact All Instances of Term

We’re digging deeper into how different ediscovery features work. Today’s focus is on production mode, which will be of particular interest to anyone who has to produce documents in the course of litigation. What Is Production Mode? Production mode is a tool that allows you to prepare documents for production. This includes redacting documents and
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"Litigation Is" on Bing

For several years, discussion about bias in search engine results has been fervent. There seem to be two primary concerns: (1) the way that Google reflects existing societal biases and (2) the way that Google actively reinforces biases. The former is seen when searches for general terms return results overwhelmingly of one gender or race.
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A Little Jurisprude-light

Lawyers have been maligned in popular culture since before Shakespeare said, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Defending the legal field and your role in it can get tiring. When you hit your limit, seek out places and items that revel in lawyerdom, giving you a chance to share the things
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User Advocacy Team Mondee and Meeri

We’ve just launched a new team here at Everlaw: User Advocacy! Our newly-minted user advocates: Gather feedback from users to inform our product development and delivery. Interpret data about various aspects of product usage to help improve interfaces. Create and iterate learning and help materials to support users and to help them have an optimal
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