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Mark Olvey with Taft Stettinius

Law firm security breaches are grabbing headlines, and the Wall Street Journal reports “there is no such thing as a non-security IT staffer.” Staying current about rapidly-emerging threats and best practices can be overwhelming for IT staff, let alone law firm partners. Gartner recently estimated over $81.6 billion is being spent on cybersecurity, an indication
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Better Litigation Technology

When we announced our fundraising back in January, the #1 question we heard was, “So, what are you going to do with all that money?” Perhaps they were hoping to hear about a secret Vegas trip or new perks like on-site acupuncture or macaroon-making classes. Though our actual investments were less flashy, they were no
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Senior Account Director, Greg Marliave

If you’ve ever worked with Senior Account Director Greg, you may have wondered how he does it all. So, we asked him. From his fondness for tapioca to his excitement about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, here’s what Greg revealed: Ana: What brings out your competitive side? Greg: There are a lot of things that
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Binary Code

We’ve all seen articles and blog posts suggesting that lawyers should learn to program. Some contend that this knowledge will allow litigators to remain relevant, especially as artificial intelligence’s purview widens. Others say this learning will help lawyers meet their professional conduct responsibility to understand technology. Curious what legal technologists thought, we asked them: Do
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Engineer Victor at Work

One thing that makes our company and our litigation software different is our priorities. We put good engineering first, and we owe much to the talent of our software developers. Every day, they build and improve the Everlaw platform to meet the needs of users. Curious about the secret lives of our coders? Here’s more
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Use of Technology

The term “digital native” has been used for the past fifteen years to describe those raised in a digital, media-saturated world. These “Millennial” or “Generation Y” members are often touted as the first converts to the cult of technology. This buzz appears in the legal press as well. For example, a recent blog for the
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