Legal Technology Innovation

There is a lot of talk about “innovation” or “disruption” especially when conversation turns to software. It’s no secret why everyone wants to be branded “innovative:” in a world of Moore’s Law, no one wants to be last year’s model. However, in the race to keep up, it’s easy to forget what innovation means. Inherent
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Engineers vs. Druids in Law

In the legal industry, the Engineer versus Druid dichotomy is an interesting one.  These names come from a familiar aphorism: ‘There are two kinds of fools: one who says this is old and therefore good, and the other who says this is new and therefore better.‘ The former are called Druids and the latter Engineers.
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Mobile Discovery

As you may have read, I spent my time at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW exclusively on the Expo floor, meeting and chatting with the myriad vendors vying for attendee attention (that almost makes it sound poetic, which it wasn’t, sadly).  While there were several standouts, like LawPal, the level of innovation was nonetheless entirely incremental,
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