Fist-bumping on the Path to Victory

Being located on the same side of the Bay as the Golden State Warriors, we know a little bit about winning sports teams. And we’ve observed that great teams high-five each other, a lot. Since we already have some great athletes in the company (and we like to think of ourselves as the Warriors of
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The Tipping Point: Predictive Coding

How does innovation make an impact? Sometimes it lands with a bang, like the iPhone. Other times, it builds gradually toward a greater transformation. At some point, greater speed doesn’t just make a technology a bit faster. More convenience doesn’t just make it a bit easier. Something new becomes possible, regional practices go global and
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CT Machine

Imagine a busy emergency room, full of scared patients, worried family members, and blaring televisions doing little to soothe them. Each person waits for his turn to shuffle back to an exam room where he can describe his concerns, be diagnosed, and receive treatment. Making this entire process possible are medical professionals with advanced training
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User Advocacy Team Mondee and Meeri

We’ve just launched a new team here at Everlaw: User Advocacy! Our newly-minted user advocates: Gather feedback from users to inform our product development and delivery. Interpret data about various aspects of product usage to help improve interfaces. Create and iterate learning and help materials to support users and to help them have an optimal
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Use of Technology

The term “digital native” has been used for the past fifteen years to describe those raised in a digital, media-saturated world. These “Millennial” or “Generation Y” members are often touted as the first converts to the cult of technology. This buzz appears in the legal press as well. For example, a recent blog for the
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Everlaw Takes Off

Everlaw has just closed a funding round, led by premier venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz! Read on for details.   Modern litigation needs technology — and not just good technology, but great technology. Millions of documents; the needle-in-the-haystack objective; the subtlety of understanding evidence in context; the high monetary stakes; and the deeply collaborative nature
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