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Who’s a Custodian, What’s Protected, and What Counts as Reasonable? Judge Sallie Kim’s Opinion on Shenwick v. Twitter

Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim issued a discovery opinion that should be included in ediscovery chapters of Civil Procedure textbooks. In a security class action against Twitter, Judge Kim methodically issued orders covering whether to include custodians in the scope of discovery, application of the Stored Communications Act, and proximity search terms.1 Should the Co-Founder and
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This is the tenth post in our weekly ediscovery series covering our ediscovery chapter of a legal informatics textbook. In this series, we’ve covered the ediscovery basics, core technical ediscovery concepts, the technologies powering ediscovery (encryption, machine learning, transcoding, etc.); and we’ll soon get to the future of ediscovery. You can also download the ebook in
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Document review can be a lengthy and involved process, with complex searches and multiple attorneys assigned to review potentially responsive data. Attorneys can rightfully ask, after diligently reviewing their search term reports and predictive coding hits, just when are we done with document review? The answer is not as simple as when every email is
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