Easiest ediscovery tool

Every day, we see attorneys, litigation support professionals, and industry experts voicing concern over the rising cost of ediscovery, the explosion of data in litigation, and the difficulty of mastering the systems intended to relieve these pains.  Being in this market at a time of change is challenging and fun, and every day, we work
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Sketches for Everlaw Logo

My first project upon joining the Everlaw team as a Designer was to start the rebranding process with a new logo in honor of the new name.  I began by interviewing the team to better understand the core principles and values that shape Everlaw’s products.  Some key words that came up repeatedly in those conversations were powerful,
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Reviewing and Tagging Documents

One of the five core company values here at Everlaw is respect for users.  That means we work tirelessly to optimize the experience for the people using our products, bringing the superior software experiences you’re used to in your consumer life—the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed of Google and the blissful usability of Apple products—to your litigation toolkit.
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