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Mark Olvey with Taft Stettinius

Law firm security breaches are grabbing headlines, and the Wall Street Journal reports “there is no such thing as a non-security IT staffer.” Staying current about rapidly-emerging threats and best practices can be overwhelming for IT staff, let alone law firm partners. Gartner recently estimated over $81.6 billion is being spent on cybersecurity, an indication
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confidential data privilege

Protecting confidentiality can be a challenge for attorneys when someone outside of the firm needs to review data in a review database. Questions they’ll typically consider: How can a court rule on communications claimed privileged? How will an expert review a litigation support database to prepare a report without seeing any attorney work product, arguably
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HIPAA compliance at everlaw

Security within an organization requires constant attention and continuous improvement. At Everlaw, the privacy and security of our customers’ information is of utmost importance. We recently announced that Everlaw achieved a SOC 2 Type 2 certification in Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. For a company to receive this certification, it must have policies and practices that
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Create a New Binder via the Dashboard

Do you remember the many binders that used to clutter conference rooms and cubicles at your office? Now that they’re digital, they also have expanded capabilities. Here’s a detailed explanation of how these improvements work.   What Are Binders? Binders are static collections of documents. Just like with physical binders, one document can exist in
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New Document Family Search

This weekend, we released 8 new features that will enhance your ediscovery search, assignments, and user management experience. They are smaller changes, all aimed at making document review easier in a big way. You can now: 1) Retain data when you delete a reviewer Members of a review team may come and go. Ensuring that
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What’s the most valuable thing you own? Some people’s answer is “money.” Where do you keep yours? For most, it’s off-site, at the bank, rather than at home under a  mattress. Another high-value item is personal information. Where do you keep your data? Increasingly, information is stored as digital records in the cloud, to make
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