data control

From discovery to ediscovery

We’re all aware of the ways in which rapidly-evolving technology is fueling change in legal evidence, including what’s considered relevant and how it’s reviewed. What’s slightly less obvious—but by no means less important—are the ways in which the judiciary pushes the boundaries here, sometimes in response to technological trends, and sometimes in advance of them.
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Review file formats

Last week Joshua Gilliland wrote a great post about thinking through the form of production. I thought it would be a good time to share our thoughts about different file formats, and how they affect document review. If you have reviewed multiple cases on one review platform, you may have noticed significant differences in the
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Conventional wisdom being what it is, we all “know” a few basic truths about the benefits of the cloud: businesses making use of cloud-based software or data storage solutions can expect cost savings, scalability, and a far easier path to deploying cutting edge technology (e.g., without the need to support upgrade of systems and infrastructure
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