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Women In Tech

The gender narrative in tech is rife with examples of inequality. Situations like reddit vs. Ellen Pao and GamerGate death threats show that discrimination against women in tech persists. As for representation, the numbers for women in tech are actually getting worse, especially in positions where they can influence product or business strategy. So how
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In the Everlaw Office

If you follow entrepreneurship and startups, you likely know who Sam Altman is. A month ago, he published his “Life advice upon turning age 30,” which included this recommendation: Go out of your way to be around smart, interesting, ambitious people. Work for them and hire them (in fact, one of the most satisfying parts
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New Everlaw Icons

As a new employee, Cecilia described what she thought made Everlaw unique. Her experience was that startup culture offered an unparalleled level of empowerment, transparency, and productivity. I was curious whether other team members would list the same motivations for seeking out a legal technology startup, over a larger player in the space. In many
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Everlaw Roadmap Meeting

I had heard a lot about startup culture before moving to the Bay Area. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the concept. After all, it sounded so idyllic; could it really be true? It turns out that the idealized and happy coexistence between work and fun is real! And the uniqueness of startup culture
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Long-Range Thinking

Building a great litigation platform demands a long-term outlook. At Everlaw, we take a long-term view on everything from hiring to technical infrastructure to customer relations. We ask ourselves, “Is what we’re building now going to work in ten years?” Our company values help us maintain that long-term perspective. I’m happy to share them here
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