Five Helpful Tips for Preparing for Trial

One critical purpose for discovery is, of course, to prepare a case for trial. But in preparing for trial, a lawyer also prepares the case for mediation, allowing them to advise their client on the strengths of their position, possible arguments, and potential weaknesses. Everlaw’s integrated case-building tools help make sense of all the moving
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Saving Time in Ediscovery

Last year, we described four tips that could save you time and money during ediscovery. A recent BDO study of inside counsel shows that the importance of efficiency has not changed: almost half of those surveyed expected that the escalating cost of ediscovery would have a significant impact on their companies. To address that challenge,
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New Everlaw Employees

2015 wasn’t just the year of the Dressgate color debate and the Happy Birthday song judgment. It was also a year of change in legal technology. From where we sit, here’s what the year was all about: Better Case Narratives This year brought the ability to build a case during and in the same platform
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Add a Document to Everlaw's Chronology

Over the weekend, we released our biggest feature of the year: StoryBuilder© Chronology. The tool lets review teams curate their top 0.1–1% of documents, so they can use them to create arguments or depositions. The benefits of using an integrated post-review tool like this are significant, from time and money savings to risk reduction and
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Apply Labels in Everlaw's StoryBuilder Chronology

So, you’ve found the key documents in your case. Now what? To make them actionable, you need to weave these documents together into a clear and compelling narrative. And that begins with a chronology. Unfortunately, for most legal teams, the task of putting together a compelling chronology is remarkably difficult. Today, either multiple Excel spreadsheets
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Ediscovery Search Results

Timing is everything. Lawyers know all too well that we present cases to juries in the form of chronological stories. I learned this on one of the first cases I worked on, where the chronology of when faxes were sent showing a contractual change was evidence of a breach of fiduciary duty owed to the Plaintiff. The chronology
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