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New Everlaw Employees

2015 wasn’t just the year of the Dressgate color debate and the Happy Birthday song judgment. It was also a year of change in legal technology. From where we sit, here’s what the year was all about: Better Case Narratives This year brought the ability to build a case during and in the same platform
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Everlaw's Communicator Award

Do you remember your first time figuring out a piece of technology? Maybe it was the happy white noise of hearing your computer connect to AOL or seeing an app successfully download onto your iPhone. It feels good when technology works for you. In your professional life, you’ve probably had moments that were the exact
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The Recorder's Best New Legal Service Award

In a field as crowded as ediscovery, it can be hard to stand out.  Our approach is to bring the superior software experiences you’re used to in your consumer life—the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed of Google and the blissful usability of Apple products—to your litigation toolkit.  Turns out, that works; the readers of ALM’s The Recorder just
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