Assignments for Second Pass Review

Many of us are familiar with John Wanamaker’s lament, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Now the legal industry is asking the same question of ediscovery, as demand intensifies for case and firm efficiency. There’s no shortage of advice on how to trim the
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Email Thread Attachments

We’re excited to announce a new round of updates to our litigation tool: one major new feature and five smaller ones. Introducing Search Term Reports Search term reports are a significant new offering that will allow administrators to perform early case assessment (ECA), make informed staffing decisions more quickly, and triage review. This feature provides
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Predictive Coding Visualization

Suggesting how to improve a case’s predictive coding model can be difficult. This isn’t because of any characteristics of machine learning. Rather, providing predictive coding best practices can be tough because of the nature of litigation. For example: Specific targets for precision, recall, or F1 scores may be set during negotiations with opposing counsel, thereby
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Everlaw Reviewer Accuracy

When discussing ediscovery cost control, the focus tends to be on pricing and speed. What is not mentioned as often is the quality of review. Savings associated with lower vendor fees and quicker review times are important indicators of a well-managed review process. However, taking into account other pertinent factors, particularly accuracy and quality, can
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I loved ILTACON. Not only did the quirky theme and costumes at the opening reception make me feel right at home, but I also gained much insight into the modern legal technology space, all in a three-day crash course. I witnessed ILTA’s focus on innovative education at its many excellent sessions. For example, Jeffrey Roach’s
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Easiest ediscovery tool

Every day, we see attorneys, litigation support professionals, and industry experts voicing concern over the rising cost of ediscovery, the explosion of data in litigation, and the difficulty of mastering the systems intended to relieve these pains.  Being in this market at a time of change is challenging and fun, and every day, we work
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