User Experience

User Advocacy Team Mondee and Meeri

We’ve just launched a new team here at Everlaw: User Advocacy! Our newly-minted user advocates: Gather feedback from users to inform our product development and delivery. Interpret data about various aspects of product usage to help improve interfaces. Create and iterate learning and help materials to support users and to help them have an optimal
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Olivia Designing at Everlaw

Every lawyer knows that how you present an argument is almost as important as the argument itself. This is no less true of legal tools: how easy they are to use is as important as what they do. After all, the most amazing functionality in the world is useless if you can’t figure out how
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If you doubt the importance of user experience, read about Apple – whose success is driven by customers’ satisfaction with user-friendly versions of existing products. Or, read these case studies of how small changes to a site’s wording, photos, or navigation significantly increased sales. On a larger scale, read about how design-centric organizations outperformed the
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User Experience Evaluation

Your law firm’s brand isn’t established in ads or in the tagline on your business cards: it’s based on the experience your clients have. This is the case made by Jordan Furlong in “UX and the Future of Law Firm Branding,” and the principle also holds when law firms are the clients. A firm’s experience
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