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Ediscovery technology ease of use

This is another post in our multi-part series covering our ediscovery chapter of a legal informatics textbook. To catch up on the series, you can download the ebook in full. In it, we cover the ediscovery basics, including the history of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM); core technical ediscovery concepts; the technologies powering ediscovery (encryption, machine
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Ediscovery text

Communications are one of the greatest unifying forces for civilization. The telegraph revolutionized the ability to share news and conduct business in 19th century; the telephone empowered people to speak across continents in the 20th century. In the 21st century, people can send personal and business communications from handheld devices wherever they have cell phone
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Big Case, Big Problems in the State Attorney General's Office

The Everlaw Solution for Investigation, Onboarding, and Security Background The state attorney general was considering giving up on ediscovery enterprise vendors. The large prosecutor’s office had tried several popular platforms, and each one created more problems than they solved. The team struggled with the simplest tasks—even onboarding attorneys and allocating documents for review. “We’d reached
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document review

Document review can be a lengthy and involved process, with complex searches and multiple attorneys assigned to review potentially responsive data. Attorneys can rightfully ask, after diligently reviewing their search term reports and predictive coding hits, just when are we done with document review? The answer is not as simple as when every email is
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Finding the near duplicate

Discovery in any case can be highly repetitive. Documents such as invoices, receipts, and forms can appear in a document review as near-duplicates that are over 90% identical. The less than 10% of documents that are different could be highly critical to a case, such as the amounts on invoices where there are alleged fraudulent
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