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What’s the most valuable thing you own? Some people’s answer is “money.” Where do you keep yours? For most, it’s off-site, at the bank, rather than at home under a  mattress. Another high-value item is personal information. Where do you keep your data? Increasingly, information is stored as digital records in the cloud, to make
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Here at Everlaw, we take security seriously. We know that our customers place a great deal of trust in us, and we work hard to keep that trust every day. Below are some of our key security policies and practices. While not an exhaustive list, it will hopefully demonstrate why we are relied upon by
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Redacting Personally-Identifiable Information

Early this morning, we released our second set of new features for the month! Today’s release includes several new features designed specifically around your feedback. We think you’ll love them!   1) Text Redaction We’ve extended our redaction tool set! You can now directly select any text in a PDF document (our standard image format)
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