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Demystifying 2FA and Its Importance

Fortune Magazine reported recently that over 55% of computer users aren’t familiar with two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or MFA, multi-factor authentication). In a survey of more than 450 educated computer users across the country, Duo Security found that “most people don’t understand the importance of 2FA in helping prevent unauthorized access.” These findings
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What Does "Reasonable" Data Security Mean?

The November/December 2017 issue of ethikos, the Journal of Practical Business Ethics, featured an article by Everlaw’s Director of Security and Compliance, Lisa Hawke. Ethikos is published by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, a non-profit association made up of over 6000 compliance and ethics professionals, and examines ethical issues in business. In her article “What does ‘reasonable’ data
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#NCSAM Week 5: Protecting our Infrastructure with Pen Testing

Week 5: October 30-31 Theme: Protecting Critical Infrastructure The theme for the final week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is protecting critical infrastructure from cyber security threats. This week’s theme raises awareness about the importance of building resilience in your organization’s critical systems. Everlaw undergoes regular penetration testing (“pen testing”) by an independent third
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security champions

Week 4: October 23-27 Theme: Build Stronger Defenses—Security Champions The theme for week 4 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is creating security champions. Geared towards the cyber security field as a whole, the efforts this month are intended to encourage people to pursue a career in the cyber security field, and to provide helpful
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Ediscovery security

Week 3: October 16-20 Theme: Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet Connected devices, digitized records, smart cars, and smart homes have become a new reality. Week 3 reminds citizens that their sensitive, personal information is the fuel that makes these smart devices work. While there are tremendous benefits to using this cutting-edge technology, it’s critical to
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cyber security at Everlaw

Week 2: October 9-13 Theme: Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business This week’s theme—“Cybersecurity in the Workplace Is Everyone’s Business”—highlights the ways businesses of all types can protect themselves, their employees, and their customers against the most common security threats. Creating a culture of cybersecurity from the breakroom to the boardroom is essential and
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Cyber security ediscovery

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This is an annual campaign, led by the Department of Homeland Security, to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. NCSAM is designed to engage and educate both public and private sector partners through events and initiatives. The goal of these initiatives
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