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Faster PDF Review and Greater Insight into Billing

Everlaw is a collaborative, cloud-based litigation platform for corporate counsels, litigators, and government attorneys that enables teams to discover, reveal, and act on information to better drive internal investigations and positively impact the outcome of litigation. As a cloud-based platform, Everlaw can quickly release thoughtfully designed features and improvements in response to user feedback and
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Ediscovery Keyboard Shortcuts

It doesn’t take long to realize that cost and time are two huge concerns in ediscovery, and that is no surprise since ediscovery accounts for the bulk of the costs of litigation. If you’re ahead of the curve, you’re already using a powerful, modern ediscovery platform to streamline your ediscovery workflow and minimize unnecessary expenditures
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Everlaw Design Collaboration

Last year, we kicked off Everlaw’s ediscovery redesign with a new logo. Since then, I’ve been working with everyone on the team to revamp our look—and to reflect it in our software and marketing materials. We’ve been focusing on not only our visual presence, but on the usability of our product. We were specifically looking
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Ediscovery Momentum

Momentum matters. Every time you have to wait for your computer or your phone, you’re losing time and energy. A delay is an invitation to get distracted by your email, your colleague, or your next project. Even waiting a few seconds for a search to complete is sufficient to lose focus, and it takes valuable
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Old Everlaw Messaging

As you know, we’re particularly fanatical about delivering an unparalleled user experience.  We know that some of you spend thousands of hours working in Everlaw, and we want to make every second of that work as joyful as possible.  (Yes, joyful!) To that end, we’ll be launching a new interface in the next few weeks!
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Review file formats

Last week Joshua Gilliland wrote a great post about thinking through the form of production. I thought it would be a good time to share our thoughts about different file formats, and how they affect document review. If you have reviewed multiple cases on one review platform, you may have noticed significant differences in the
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