Legal File Organization

Many lawyers are curious about legal entrepreneurship – from solo firms to legal technology shops. While some data suggests that the profitability of solo practice is worsening, law software is on the rise – as far as both economics and buzz. But what goes on beyond the hype, when you’re in the thick of it?
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Legal Tech Caffeine

Enthusiasm for legal hacking is abundant, from Zach Abramowitz’s Should You Leave Law And Learn to Code? to Sam Glover’s podcast on Hacking for Justice. Also notable, tech incubator LegalX launched last month, and former Legaltech News editor Monica Bay joined the Codex team last quarter. (Law hacking seems to be brought to us by
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Open Source Software

We at Everlaw love open-source software. We build off of open-source tools for our application server, database, search engine, front-end framework, and more. What that means is that we don’t reinvent the wheel each time we write a new feature. Just as attorneys start a contract with an existing template and then customize it for
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