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ediscovery review for journalists

To support investigative reporting, we’re giving news organizations free access to Everlaw’s ediscovery software. From whistleblower dumps to FOIA requests, journalists need to analyze large data sets quickly and accurately. More and more reporters are trawling documents—whether emails, text messages, or files—to uncover the stories within. This is much the same process attorneys go through
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Better Litigation Technology

When we announced our fundraising back in January, the #1 question we heard was, “So, what are you going to do with all that money?” Perhaps they were hoping to hear about a secret Vegas trip or new perks like on-site acupuncture or macaroon-making classes. Though our actual investments were less flashy, they were no
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Senior Account Director, Greg Marliave

If you’ve ever worked with Senior Account Director Greg, you may have wondered how he does it all. So, we asked him. From his fondness for tapioca to his excitement about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, here’s what Greg revealed: Ana: What brings out your competitive side? Greg: There are a lot of things that
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Director of Policy and Compliance Lisa Hawke

Hello!  My name is Lisa Hawke, and I just joined the Everlaw team as Director of Policy and Compliance.  I am excited to be here at Everlaw and in the Bay Area, after moving from Houston, Texas. Aside from the (almost) perfect weather and the vibrant city of Berkeley, what drew me to Everlaw is
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Everlaw Escaped!

We really like games. There is some kind of board, card, or video gaming going on virtually every day at our office. Games help improve our lateral thinking, our logical reasoning, and our team cohesion. And—oh yeah—they’re really fun. Some of our favorite games involve puzzles. For instance, a group of us collaboratively solve a
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Engineer Victor at Work

One thing that makes our company and our litigation software different is our priorities. We put good engineering first, and we owe much to the talent of our software developers. Every day, they build and improve the Everlaw platform to meet the needs of users. Curious about the secret lives of our coders? Here’s more
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