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Update from Everlaw’s Cross Over the Pond

As mentioned back in November, Everlaw has opened a new office in Shoreditch, London! Our bags are now fully unpacked, the furniture arranged, the office supplies set up, and we’re settling in just fine. Here are some highlights from our first month in the new digs: The team attended the CLOC 2019 London Institute in
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Everlaw Design Collaboration

Last year, we kicked off Everlaw’s ediscovery redesign with a new logo. Since then, I’ve been working with everyone on the team to revamp our look—and to reflect it in our software and marketing materials. We’ve been focusing on not only our visual presence, but on the usability of our product. We were specifically looking
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Women in Legal Technology

Law firms continue to see gender imbalance when it comes to both pay and partnership numbers. This is not because women lawyers are leaving the profession. Data cited by the Harvard Business Review shows that “[t]hey are only leaving law firms, taking on corporate, government or regulatory roles instead.” The implication is that female lawyers especially
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Alternative Legal Career

Recent data continues to show that alternative legal careers are becoming increasingly mainstream. For example, this most recent study found that “57 percent of lawyers leave law firms altogether before their fifth year of practice”! So where are they going? One option that has been growing in popularity is the world of legal technology. We
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New Everlaw Icons

As a new employee, Cecilia described what she thought made Everlaw unique. Her experience was that startup culture offered an unparalleled level of empowerment, transparency, and productivity. I was curious whether other team members would list the same motivations for seeking out a legal technology startup, over a larger player in the space. In many
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There are great ideas published every day on how to be more productive. Some look at how the super-productive few do it, some find productivity hacks in scientific findings, while others focus on increasing employees’ productivity. If you need inspiration, they’re a great place to start. But when it’s time to actually make it happen, you
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