Legal Technology Innovation

There is a lot of talk about “innovation” or “disruption” especially when conversation turns to software. It’s no secret why everyone wants to be branded “innovative:” in a world of Moore’s Law, no one wants to be last year’s model. However, in the race to keep up, it’s easy to forget what innovation means. Inherent
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Engineers vs. Druids in Law

In the legal industry, the Engineer versus Druid dichotomy is an interesting one.  These names come from a familiar aphorism: ‘There are two kinds of fools: one who says this is old and therefore good, and the other who says this is new and therefore better.‘ The former are called Druids and the latter Engineers.
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Technology in the legal space

The required skillset of 21st century lawyers is different from earlier generations’. The legal field has undergone a dramatic technological transformation, and many legal functions have evolved accordingly. And yet, even with all the change that’s already occurred, the innovative tech surge has likely just begun. Here are three reasons why you should embrace technological
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Meeting and Exceeding Client Expectations

Clients are demanding more for less.  It has become almost cliché, and yet — like many clichés — one that contains a central truth which legal practitioners ignore at their own peril.  Given the increased transparency into legal processes and pricing, the competitive environment created by the economic downturn, the increase in legal outsourcing options,
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image, text and native view

Joshua Gilliland, of Bow Tie Law, Magistrate Judge Paul Cherry understands ediscovery. More importantly, his opinions have the classic “IRAC” analysis of Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. This makes Judge Cherry’s cases on the form of production—like Dixon v. Experian Info. Solutions, Inc.—very educational reading.   Form of Production Overview A producing party can state
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Moving Towards Strategic Legal IT

Last month, David Houlihan of Blue Hill Research offered a very insightful analysis of barriers to technological change in the legal space. He called out specific challenges to innovation faced by both IT and legal teams at firms. Based on his analysis, David provided six ideas that could help turn the situation around: Create insight
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