How to Find the Legal Software with the Best User Experience

The importance of user experience in improving efficiency has been well established. But not everyone has the same idea of what “user experience” means – or any idea at all. Here’s how this sometimes-confusing concept applies in the legal industry. Whether you’re reviewing a legal brief or planning for a deposition, you want to use
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Why One Entrepreneur Chose Legaltech

Why One Entrepreneur Chose Legaltech When Inc and Forbes list today’s hottest industries, they’re more likely to talk about drones and artificial intelligence than legal innovation. Not only are robots easier to picture, but they’re infinitely sexier than a better litigation experience. This lack of mainstream attention hasn’t dissuaded those who see the opportunities in
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Investing In Your Practice - And In Yourself

One of our most popular blogs to date was an interview with Gen Why lawyer Nicole Abboud about how Generation Y relates to legal technology. Nicole has gone on to write about everything from what drives young lawyers to the importance of amplifying our strengths rather than improving our weaknesses.   We wanted to know
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Clippy User Experience

It seems that we’re finally beyond the “lawyers hate technology” trope. Google the phrase in quotes and you get nothing but articles refuting the claim that lawyers hate tech. That’s good. No one hates technology. Everyone hates crummy technology. Even without law experience, you’ve got some things to look back on that show you this
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User Experience Planning

Ample data shows that good design improves outcomes for both users and software providers. Because technology in legal lags behind other industries, the big push has been to pick vendors who consider not just function, but also user experience. But a recent Harvard Business Review article is a good reminder that the presence of design
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"Litigation Is" on Bing

For several years, discussion about bias in search engine results has been fervent. There seem to be two primary concerns: (1) the way that Google reflects existing societal biases and (2) the way that Google actively reinforces biases. The former is seen when searches for general terms return results overwhelmingly of one gender or race.
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