Mondee Lu

Mondee is a User Advocate at Everlaw. That means ensuring that feedback from users is central to product development. Outside of work, she enjoys playing city builder games and transportation planning.

Blue Flamingo

Ever wondered what all of the words used to describe predictive coding mean? It can be tough to remember the difference between precision and F1 – and to then use the definitions to improve the efficacy of document review. Below, we try to demystify these concepts, so you can strategically apply them on your case.
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New Document Family Search

This weekend, we released 8 new features that will enhance your ediscovery search, assignments, and user management experience. They are smaller changes, all aimed at making document review easier in a big way. You can now: 1) Retain data when you delete a reviewer Members of a review team may come and go. Ensuring that
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User Advocacy Team Mondee and Meeri

We’ve just launched a new team here at Everlaw: User Advocacy! Our newly-minted user advocates: Gather feedback from users to inform our product development and delivery. Interpret data about various aspects of product usage to help improve interfaces. Create and iterate learning and help materials to support users and to help them have an optimal
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Bates Number Any Prefix

Think of any software or app you use daily. I bet you know a few tricks or hacks to speed things up. For example, I lock header rows to the top of Excel or Google worksheets before scrolling through data sets, and my inbox auto-highlights emails sent from specific senders. Document review is no different:
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Everlaw Reviewer Accuracy

When discussing ediscovery cost control, the focus tends to be on pricing and speed. What is not mentioned as often is the quality of review. Savings associated with lower vendor fees and quicker review times are important indicators of a well-managed review process. However, taking into account other pertinent factors, particularly accuracy and quality, can
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