Meeri Chang

Meeri is a User Advocate at Everlaw. Prior to Everlaw, she worked at Stryker Endoscopy in marketing communications. She graduated from the University of Michigan, with a double major in Business Administration and Ultimate Frisbee – both of which have been valuable in her post-grad life.

Email Thread Attachments

We’re excited to announce a new round of updates to our litigation tool: one major new feature and five smaller ones. Introducing Search Term Reports Search term reports are a significant new offering that will allow administrators to perform early case assessment (ECA), make informed staffing decisions more quickly, and triage review. This feature provides
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iPhone Design

How do you feel when you use your favorite web or mobile app? When I use my iPhone, for example, l feel happy.  I can complete useful tasks with minimal clicks or swipes, and without reading a training manual.  Getting from point A to point B feels intuitive and engaging. What causes this great experience, however,
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