Kat Fukui

Kat was Everlaw’s Product and UI Designer. She loves practicing all aspects of design, eating delicious food, and skateboarding down windy roads.

Everlaw Design Collaboration

Last year, we kicked off Everlaw’s ediscovery redesign with a new logo. Since then, I’ve been working with everyone on the team to revamp our look—and to reflect it in our software and marketing materials. We’ve been focusing on not only our visual presence, but on the usability of our product. We were specifically looking
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Sketches for Everlaw Logo

My first project upon joining the Everlaw team as a Designer was to start the rebranding process with a new logo in honor of the new name.  I began by interviewing the team to better understand the core principles and values that shape Everlaw’s products.  Some key words that came up repeatedly in those conversations were powerful,
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