Christina Ling

Transparency Matters in Ediscovery

In our first post in this series, we explored the key principle of speed and how it manifests in the Everlaw platform. This second post in the series addresses the key principle of transparency. After examining what transparency should look like in an ediscovery vendor’s organization, this post will explore how transparency functions on the
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Join our Webinar: Taking Aim at Ediscovery Vendors

We’re hosting a webinar later this month! Taking Aim at Ediscovery Vendors Tips and Tricks for Vendor Evaluation Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 10am PDT/1pm EDT Learn more and register to attend. What we’ll cover: When selecting an ediscovery platform, completing a holistic vendor evaluation that goes beyond feature by feature comparisons is of the utmost
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Finally, a Faster Way to Do Ediscovery

The saying “time equals money” holds especially true in ediscovery. Projects have tight deadlines and even more urgent daily requests. Surveys consistently show that lawyers’ top priorities when using ediscovery software include speed. In the EDRM’s 2017 Survey “In-House Legal Benchmarking Report,” respondents rated “completing tasks efficiently” as the second biggest challenge. Although legal professionals
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