AJ Shankar

CEO, Everlaw, Inc.

AJ has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an A.B. in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Harvard University.

Everlaw Raises Series B Investment to Continue Growth

Everlaw has just closed a $25 million Series B funding round, with new investor Menlo Ventures leading the round and continued participation from Andreessen Horowitz. We are thrilled to work with Menlo to advance our mission to provide cutting-edge technology to lawyers and litigation teams throughout the world. Menlo Ventures is one of the oldest
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Everlaw Escaped!

We really like games. There is some kind of board, card, or video gaming going on virtually every day at our office. Games help improve our lateral thinking, our logical reasoning, and our team cohesion. And—oh yeah—they’re really fun. Some of our favorite games involve puzzles. For instance, a group of us collaboratively solve a
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Everlaw Takes Off

Everlaw has just closed a funding round, led by premier venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz! Read on for details.   Modern litigation needs technology — and not just good technology, but great technology. Millions of documents; the needle-in-the-haystack objective; the subtlety of understanding evidence in context; the high monetary stakes; and the deeply collaborative nature
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Typescript Plugin Netbeans

Everlaw is committed to using and contributing to open-source software. Participating in the global network of millions of open-source developers helps us bring the most advanced and efficient technologies to the legal space. Today, we are releasing a substantial new open-source project that has broad applicability to developers of every stripe, not just those working
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Open Source Software

We at Everlaw love open-source software. We build off of open-source tools for our application server, database, search engine, front-end framework, and more. What that means is that we don’t reinvent the wheel each time we write a new feature. Just as attorneys start a contract with an existing template and then customize it for
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Predictive Coding

Introducing Predictive Rating We’re proud to announce our proprietary Technology-Assisted Review tool, Predictive Rating. Predictive Rating learns from how you’ve manually rated documents (hot, warm, or cold) to predict how the rest of the documents in your case might be rated. Here are some highlights: Predictive Rating doesn’t require any configuration. It’ll start working automatically
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