First Week at Everlaw: a Retrospective

My name is Jonathan Svilar, and I’ve just spent my first week at Everlaw as the B2B Marketing Manager. I’m excited to spend time learning as much as I can about the legal tech space and using my marketing background to solve new challenges.

Jonathan Svilar

How I Got Here

I spent the last 3 years working for 3Q Digital, a dynamic digital marketing agency based out of Silicon Valley. Being in charge of brand and content for an agency that does marketing for clients like Rocket Lawyer, HP, and Weebly put me in a position to sharpen my marketing chops daily.  Our team was spread out all over the US: Vermont, North Carolina, San Mateo, and myself in Oakland. During my tenure, 3Q also grew from a staff of 60 to over 130 people and was acquired by Harte Hanks. I missed the agency, flexibility, and challenge that working for a smaller company brings, so I packed my bags and moved on over to Everlaw!


Jonathan: A Brief Autobiography

I was born in NYC, but spent most of my formative years in San Diego and the Central Coast of California. I went to UCSB for my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Philosophy and moved to the SF Bay Area straight out of college. I’m a serial hobby-ist who’s passionate about motorcycles, baseball, vintage audio equipment, photography, and almost every musical genre. I live in Oakland with my wife Gloria, dog Ellie, and bunny Bobo.

Jonathan and His Dog Ellie


What I’ve Learned About Everlaw So Far

Everlaw is comprised of an incredibly intelligent team with absolutely no arrogance at all. This team is focused on problem solving because legal problems need solving, not to prove something to themselves or their peers. This collaborative and selfless approach is an incredible strength I’m looking forward to adopting. I’ve found everyone to be transparent and incredibly helpful in every way. Everyone is an agent looking to make positive changes in the legal tech industry. I’m also a big fan of the games we play over lunch.

If you’d like to get to know me better, feel free to drop a line to


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