We’re Open-Sourcing Our TypeScript Plugin for NetBeans

Everlaw is committed to using and contributing to open-source software. Participating in the global network of millions of open-source developers helps us bring the most advanced and efficient technologies to the legal space.

Today, we are releasing a substantial new open-source project that has broad applicability to developers of every stripe, not just those working on legal software: a TypeScript plugin for NetBeans. NetBeans is an open-source integrated development environment that Everlaw’s developers use to write the code that powers the Everlaw platform. Think of it as a personal programming assistant that does some of the mechanical work involved in building a large application, and points out many bugs before they even get run. TypeScript is a variant of JavaScript that enables more rapid and bug-free development of the code that runs in your web browser when you visit any modern website.

Typescript Plugin Netbeans

This plugin, whose development was led by Everlaw engineer Jeffrey Morlan, enables any software engineer writing TypeScript in NetBeans to leverage advanced development features more commonly afforded to server-side programming languages like Java. Programmers can use it when creating any kind of website to increase their efficiency and the quality of their code.

We’re deeply indebted to the open-source community for the array and quality of tools we use every day to run Everlaw, and we’re happy to contribute back in any way we can! You can view all of our open-source contributions on Github.


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    Hi! I’m from the NetBeans team. The plugin you’ve created for TypeScript in NetBeans is amazing. Please drop me a mail and we’ll promote it and work with you on this and other projects.

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    We’d love to work with you! Look for an email from AJ.

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    Hi there! I’ve been working on pretty much the same project with Geertjan Wielenga. Here is my fork:


    To me it looks like luckily our efforts do not overlap much, so we could merge the projects into one, better project. I would be happy to merge your code into mine, but the other way around is equally good if you want to do that. I would suggest using either Maven or Gradle though.

    But apart from this: Well done! I can actually use this now. If you need help, I would be happy to.


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    Guys, you are awesome!

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    I have sent Emilian an email offering my help with any development work on your TypeScript plugin.

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    Everlaw have no idea who Emilian is, as you already know…

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    Thank you!

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    This is great ! Thanks a lot for open sourcing this amazing plugin !

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