Everlaw's Predictive Coding

Eleven weeks ago, we launched our predictive coding functionality. We know we’re not the first—or even the twentieth—vendor to offer this type of machine learning capability. Being first out of the gate isn’t generally our priority. Our focus has been on doing it better and on being responsive to user needs. Since the release, we
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Women in Legal Technology

Law firms continue to see gender imbalance when it comes to both pay and partnership numbers. This is not because women lawyers are leaving the profession. Data cited by the Harvard Business Review shows that “[t]hey are only leaving law firms, taking on corporate, government or regulatory roles instead.” The implication is that female lawyers especially
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Technology in the legal space

The required skillset of 21st century lawyers is different from earlier generations’. The legal field has undergone a dramatic technological transformation, and many legal functions have evolved accordingly. And yet, even with all the change that’s already occurred, the innovative tech surge has likely just begun. Here are three reasons why you should embrace technological
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Alternative Legal Career

Recent data continues to show that alternative legal careers are becoming increasingly mainstream. For example, this most recent study found that “57 percent of lawyers leave law firms altogether before their fifth year of practice”! So where are they going? One option that has been growing in popularity is the world of legal technology. We
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Meeting and Exceeding Client Expectations

Clients are demanding more for less.  It has become almost cliché, and yet — like many clichés — one that contains a central truth which legal practitioners ignore at their own peril.  Given the increased transparency into legal processes and pricing, the competitive environment created by the economic downturn, the increase in legal outsourcing options,
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Review file formats

Last week Joshua Gilliland wrote a great post about thinking through the form of production. I thought it would be a good time to share our thoughts about different file formats, and how they affect document review. If you have reviewed multiple cases on one review platform, you may have noticed significant differences in the
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